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Rosehip juice 500ml
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Rosehip is a real vitamin bomb. It contains especially a lot of well absorbed vitamin C. Rose hips also contain vitamins A, B, E, K, and additionally tannins, carthenoids, organic acids, essential oils, natural sugars and pectins.

Elderberry juice 1l
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Elderberry fruits contain a variety of valuable substances. They contain large amounts of vitamin A, group B, C and mineral salts: calcium, potassium (about 300 mg per 100g of fruit), aluminum, iron, sodium, organic acids, choline, pectins.
Chokeberry juice 1L
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Dietary supplement in a liquid form made of chokeberry juice with the addition of vitamin C.
- no preservatives- no added sugar - contains naturally occurring sugars- pasteurized
Raspberry juice
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A reliable method of grandmothers against infections and colds - raspberry juice. The Symbiotics raspberry is made from raspberry fruit juice with the addition of vitamin C.
Cranberry juice 1L
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Juice made of cranberry with the addition of vitamin C, no preservatives or added sugar.