Apricots dried
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Apricots dried

Dried apricots are appreciated by many of us for their extraordinary taste. They are also characterized by a rich content of nutrients valuable for health.

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Everything you need to know about the nutritional value and health benefits of dried apricots

Dried apricots are appreciated by many of us for their unusual taste. Nevertheless, in addition to their unique taste, these delicacies are also characterized by a rich content of nutrients valuable for health. Due to the presence of powerful antioxidants in their composition, it is believed that the introduction of dried apricots to a healthy diet and active lifestyle may contribute to reducing the risk of cancer in the future, as well as slowing down the aging process of the skin.


Caution! In tightly closed packages, apricots undergo a fermentation process because they are a natural product, without the addition of preservatives. Fermentation is a natural process. After receiving the product, open it and store it in a cool place, preferably in a refrigerator.

What are dried apricots?

Apricots are sweet fruits that naturally occur mainly in East Asia. The oldest sources say that these fruits were grown in China 400 years before the birth of Christ. In those days, apricots were usually eaten fresh. Nevertheless, as early as in antiquity, they began to be subjected to drying processes, which made it possible to enjoy their unique taste regardless of the season. Apricots arrived on the old continent in a dried form and quickly stole the hearts of lovers of oriental delicacies. Due to the growing popularity, this fruit began to be grown on a large scale in the countries of the Mediterranean. Dried apricots are characterized by a sweet taste and an orange color. Their size and structure may remind us of a prune.

Health properties of dried apricots

Dried apricots are a real treasury of nutrients valuable for health, therefore, introducing them to a healthy diet can improve the functioning of our body. Due to the content of beta carotene, dried apricots can slow down the aging process and improve the functioning of the digestive system. A similar effect is ensured by the vitamin C contained in this fruit, which is additionally responsible for combating free radicals harmful to health. Apricots also contain a large dose of vitamin E (known as the vitamin of youth), which, in addition to slowing down the aging processes, also contributes to the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system. It is also worth knowing that this fruit is able to provide our body with B vitamins, which, when combined with a healthy diet, contribute to strengthening our attention and concentration. However, apricots are not only valuable vitamins and minerals, but also fiber that supports the maintenance of a healthy body weight as well as the smooth functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Dried apricots and diabetes

Dried apricots are characterized by a low glycemic index (IG = 40). Therefore, in moderate amounts, they can be consumed by people struggling with the problem of diabetes or insulin resistance. However, it is worth knowing that in the case of diabetes it is not advisable to eat this fruit in the afternoon and evening hours. However, you can easily add them to your morning porridge or second breakfast. However, before we introduce them permanently to our menu, it is worth consulting an experienced dietitian or diabetologist.

Contraindications for the consumption of dried apricots

Consuming large amounts of dried apricots is not recommended for people struggling with diabetes or insulin resistance. In addition, people struggling with intestinal problems (for example, those struggling with irritable bowel syndrome, with particular emphasis on the diarrheal form) should refrain from introducing these fruits into their diet. Eating more than 10 dried apricots a day can even lead to abdominal pain and persistent diarrhea in healthy people.

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