Tea tree oil 50ml
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Tea tree oil 50ml

Tea tree oil with a convenient pipette, an unusual fragrance and anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

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Tea tree oil is a valuable medicinal and cosmetic raw material. Ancient Aborigines have already found out about its amazing properties, but today this product is gaining more and more recognition among experts in the field of phytotherapy.

The use of tea oil

Tea oil is widely used in cosmetics and herbal medicine. It is often added to anti-dandruff shampoos as well as masks that normalize the amount of sebum secreted by the scalp. In addition, this ingredient can be found in creams and tonics intended for the care of acne-prone skin. Tea tree oil is also a common ingredient in perfumes and bath oils. Due to its antibacterial properties, this product is also used in the production of creams and liquids with properties that fight harmful viruses and bacteria. It is also worth knowing that thanks to its unusual smell, tea oil is a frequent ingredient in candles and lamps that are designed to scare away malicious insects.

Where does tea oil come from, and what is it characterized by?

Tea tree oil is obtained from a plant called Melaleuca Altenifolia. Interestingly, the common name of this plant (tea tree) dates back to 1770, when the first colonizers of Australia decided to use the leaves of this tree to make an infusion resembling traditional tea. The tea tree leaves are small, slender, and long. They measure from about 2 to 3 centimeters. It is worth knowing that for the production of tea oil, mainly top twigs are used, from which the valuable essential oil is obtained. The production of this substance is based on the distillation of the raw material with steam.

Tea tree oil is a colorless to pale yellow liquid that has an intense, spicy fragrance. Contact of this substance with sunlight causes it to age. Therefore, tea oil is most often sold in dark, lightproof glass bottles. Tea tree essential oil has strong antibacterial properties. Therefore, it is widely used in the field of cosmetology and herbal medicine.

Contraindications for the use of tea oil

In most cases, proper use of tea oil is safe for human health and has a positive effect on human well-being. Nevertheless, there are some contraindications related to the use of this substance. Tea oil should not be used by pregnant women. People with allergic tendencies or sensitive skin should also be especially careful when using it. Therefore, it is recommended to start using tea oil only in small amounts and monitor your body's reactions on an ongoing basis. It is also worth knowing that the use of this substance may be associated with a few side effects, among which we can distinguish:
- Redness and itching of the skin;

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