Orange essential oil
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Orange essential oil

Orange oil is one of the most popular essential oils. It is characterized by a clear and fresh scent and a sweet taste with a slightly bitter note.

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Orange oil is used

Orange oil is used in aromatherapy, cosmetology and in the kitchen. It is characterized by a mild action, and its use is completely safe for the vast majority of patients. It should be avoided by people who are allergic and people exposed to UV radiation (also while sunbathing).

Research shows that orange oil applied externally may be effective in relieving skin infections and inflammations. Thanks to its antiseptic properties, it can help reduce acne. Regular use of it together with the appropriate base cream has a positive effect on cellulite reduction. Oil massage has a relaxing effect on the muscles and prevents their spasmodic contractions.

A common use of orange oil is aromatherapy and inhalation. Its use is recommended for people exposed to severe stress, struggling with mood swings and depression. Applied at bedtime, the oil helps treat insomnia and ensures a restful night.

Orange oil can also be taken internally, but in strictly controlled amounts. It is not recommended to exceed the daily dose of 1 drop diluted in a drink.

Orange oil - origin and characteristics

Orange is a fruit native to Southeast Asia. The oil from this raw material is made from the peel, leaves and flowers. For this, the distillation method is used, among others, which allows you to extract the most valuable values ​​without the use of elevated temperature. Publications indicate that orange oil has a high biological activity. It has a strong and refreshing fragrance and is characterized by a fresh, fruity aroma. As it is made from the peel, it also has a hint of bitterness, which balances the sweetness of the oil.

Orange oil produced from fruit peel contains many volatile active substances such as linalool, decanal, geranial, α-terpineol, neral, dodecanal, citronellal, limonene. These compounds are responsible for the unique properties of this essential oil.

Orange Oil, Antibacterial

Many essential oils, in addition to their aroma and fragrance, also have strong antibacterial properties. Research shows that this is also the case with orange oil. Scientists have proved that it has an inhibitory effect against many strains of bacteria. It has also been shown that the oil does not negatively affect keratinocytes, i.e. human epidermal cells. At the same time, the substances contained in the orange peel extract were cytotoxic to bacteria inoculated into keratinocytes. This suggests that orange oil could be used to treat or alleviate bacterial infections. The action of the essential oil is based on, among others by inhibiting the expression of bacterial genes, leading to cell lysis.

Scientific research has also shown that orange oil is antifungal. This product inhibits certain strains of fungi that cause human disease, such as onychomycosis. This is another promising aspect of the oil, which allows the use of this natural raw material in the treatment of deep and superficial mycoses.

Scientists attribute other valuable properties to orange oil as well. According to the publications, it is also antiviral and anti-inflammatory.
In addition, it has a diastolic and tonic effect and stimulates the secretion of gastric juices. In natural medicine, orange oil is also believed to prevent spasmodic muscle contractions. This is especially true for the muscles of the airways. Spreading the oil over the spasm site may be helpful in chronic cough and convulsions. The same treatment applied to the abdominal muscles helps to reduce excess gas in the intestines.

Orange Oil - Aromatherapy

Orange oil is widely used in aromatherapy. It is characterized by a very refreshing fragrance that makes sessions with its use extremely pleasant. Research shows that orange oil has a calming and toning effect. It is used to treat stress and insomnia. It is also an important element in antidepressant therapy. Inhaling orange oil puts you in a good mood and relaxes you. There are even studies to suggest that citrus aroma therapy lowers blood pressure and lowers the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. There are also studies showing the effectiveness of using orange oil during childbirth.

Home SPA, or orange oil in cosmetics

Orange oil can be an ingredient of almost any home cosmetic. Due to the pleasant smell, it is widely used, among others in the perfumery. Publications indicate the disinfecting and warming effect of this product. The oil is added to cosmetics prepared at home, but it can also be used as a skin care product. Research indicates that it has anti-inflammatory and soothing effects. Therefore, it can be used to soothe inflammation and reduce redness and acne. Orange oil is also believed to have a relaxing effect. A bath with its addition not only provides a great fragrance experience, but also relaxes tired and tense muscles. Daily use of orange oil against cellulite can help reduce the "orange peel" effect

Orange cake oil - how to use it in the kitchen?

Orange oil is used in confectionery as a flavoring agent for cakes and muffins. Obviously, it is a volatile extract, not fat. It should not be confused with vegetable oil, which has completely different uses.

Orange oil can be used orally, but in very small amounts. The daily dose is 1 drop as an addition to your favorite drink or dessert.

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