Pistachio cream 200g
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Pistachio cream 200g

Pistachio cream is made only of healthy pistachios, without the addition of sweeteners and preservatives, it is an excellent addition to both sandwiches and dry dishes.

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Everything you need to know about the nutritional value and health properties of pistachio cream

Both the youngest and adults love sweet sandwich creams that can be easily added to both pancakes and homemade cookies. Unfortunately, most of them are rich in substances that are harmful to health, such as palm oil or excessive amounts of sugar. Fortunately, we've found a way to change that. The delicious pistachio cream is a 100% natural product, without the addition of harmful fats and sweeteners. It is characterized not only by its unique taste, but also by the content of nutrients valuable for health. Thanks to the pistachios contained in it, it becomes possible to support our circulatory system and support the functioning of the organ of vision.

What is the pistachio cream and what ingredients is it prepared from?

Pistachio cream is a product of the VIVIO brand that will surely win the hearts of consumers. Made exclusively of healthy pistachios, without the addition of sweeteners and preservatives, it is an excellent addition to both sandwiches and dry dishes. Pistachios are one of the oldest nuts grown in the world and used in the human diet. It is estimated that they were a delicacy of the inhabitants of Asia already over 8,000 years ago. At that time, they were grown on a large scale in Syria, Iran and Iraq. Nowadays, extensive pistachio farms can also be found in Australia, Turkey, China and even the United States.

Pistachios are the fruit of a tree of the pistachio genus, belonging to the drupe family. They are characterized by a hard shell, which may resemble a shell. Nevertheless, the core with a characteristic greenish color (which is the result of the rich content of chlorophyll in the composition) is considered to be the tastiest part of these fruits. Interestingly, pistachio trees (up to 10 meters high) occur naturally in Syria and Iran. It turns out, however, that we can also meet them in European countries, such as Greece or Italy. It is worth knowing that Iran is considered the largest producer of these delicious nuts. Although pistachios are readily available, they are relatively expensive. No wonder, after all, they are not only extremely tasty, but above all full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are valuable for your health.

In these small nuts, we are able to find both large amounts of protein and essential fatty acids. Including omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids. Interestingly, they contain a large dose of fiber. Nevertheless, vitamins that we can supply to our body through delicious pistachios deserve special attention. At this point, it is worth mentioning: vitamin A, numerous B vitamins, vitamin C and K. Minerals contained in pistachios are also important, including: calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium and iron. It is also worth knowing that the consumption of these nuts is able to provide us with the supply of valuable antioxidants and phytosterols, necessary to maintain good human health.

VIVIO pistachio cream is a unique product in many respects. It is characterized by a delicate, slightly salty taste and a greenish-brown color. Nevertheless, the most important thing is the simple composition of this product. Pistachio cream is 100% healthy nuts of the pistachio tree, without the addition of artificial substances and flavor enhancers.

Pistachio cream - health properties and impact on the human body

Due to the content of only pistachios in its composition, introducing pistachio cream into a balanced diet, in combination with systematic physical activity, can have a positive effect on human health and well-being. It turns out that thanks to the rich content of antioxidants, regular consumption of pistachios (also in the form of a cream) contributes to increasing the protection of our body against the development of cancer. Scientists drew attention to the fact that people who introduced pistachios into their diet increased the level of gamma-tocopherol in their blood, and thus directly reduced the risk of developing harmful tumors in the future.

Interestingly, the regular consumption of pistachios is also able to help protect the cardiovascular system. This thesis is confirmed by scientists from the California Loma Linda University. On the basis of their research, it was concluded that the introduction of pistachio tree nuts to a healthy diet reduces the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, which reduces the risk of developing atherosclerosis and future heart attacks. In addition, the substances contained in pistachios may be responsible for lowering blood sugar levels, thus maintaining a healthy body weight and reducing the risk of developing diabetes II. In addition, thanks to the content of essential fatty acids, fiber and potassium, pistachios reduce the constriction of blood vessels during stressful situations, and thus protect us against the harmful consequences of negative emotions experienced during the day.

It is also worth knowing that pistachios (as one of the few nuts) contribute to the improvement of our eyesight. All this is due to the rich content of lutein and zeaxanthin in their composition. It is these substances that protect the retina from damage, which is often caused by the presence of free radicals. In addition, pistachios are a rich source of beta-carotene, which means that they reduce the risk of night blindness and dry eye syndrome in the future. Pistachio cream can also be a valuable ingredient in the diet of people struggling with anemia or women who experience heavy menstrual bleeding. Pistachios are a rich source of not only valuable vitamins, but also iron.

Pistachio cream as a source of vitamins in a child's diet

Children love sweet sandwich creams. Unfortunately, they more often reach for the chocolate ones, which are not good for their health due to the high sugar content and harmful palm oil. Fortunately, the VIVIO pistachio cream is not only full of flavor, but above all it is a source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals valuable for your health. Interestingly, it contains a lot of B vitamins, which primarily affect the proper functioning of the nervous system. Therefore, introducing this product into the diet of school-age children may contribute to increasing their memory and concentration abilities. In addition, valuable B vitamins contribute to increasing stress resistance, which is extremely important during a school day full of challenges and responsibilities.

Contraindications for consuming pistachio cream

Although in most cases consumption of pistachio cream is safe for our health, there are some contraindications related to its use. First, excessive consumption of this product should be avoided by people struggling with the problem of obesity and hypertension. Second, the use of pistachio cream is not recommended for people who show a negative reaction to fructans. It is also worth knowing that pistachios (like other nuts) may be responsible for causing allergy symptoms. Therefore, it is recommended to introduce pistachio cream into your diet gradually, while observing your body's reactions. If you develop: rash, swelling of the face or other parts of the body after ingestion of this product, abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty breathing and / or severe pressure in the chest, see an allergist or an allergist as soon as possible. If allergy worsening occurs, visit a hospital emergency department.

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