Coconut flour
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Coconut flour

Coconut flour can be used just like wheat flour for all kinds of sweet and savory pastries, cakes, cookies, desserts and breads. Baked goods are light and soft, have an intense coconut flavor and a slightly coconut flavor.

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What is coconut flour and what is its flavor?

Coconut flour is made from the ground coconut flesh. Excess fat and moisture are removed prior to the grinding process. So it's a by-product of making coconut milk and oil. It is produced in two ways: dry and wet. The former is richer in protein, has a cream color and higher fat content. The wet flour is lighter in color, contains more fiber and less fat. Coconut flour can be used just like wheat flour for all kinds of sweet and savory pastries, cakes, cookies, desserts, breads and pies. Baked goods based on coconut flour are light and soft, have an intense coconut flavor and a slightly coconut flavor. This flour contains more fiber than wheat flour. It is as much as in wholemeal flours. It is extremely important in our diet because it regulates the digestive system. Due to the high fiber content, coconut flour absorbs water much better than other types of flour. Therefore, it cannot be the main ingredient of the dough. It is best to mix it with another type of flour. Such a procedure will ensure that the obtained consistency of the dough will be satisfactory, and the baking will not crumble after taking it out of the oven.

How to do it yourself?

You can prepare coconut flour yourself at home, but it is a very time-consuming process and requires patience. The basis for its preparation at home are coconut shavings, which must be soaked, then blended and dried. In order for the final product to have a sand structure, this process should be repeated even several times.

Does it contain gluten? Contraindications for consumption

It is a gluten-free product, unlike grain flour. So it can be used by people suffering from celiac disease. Coconut flour should also be appreciated by diabetics. For diabetics, it is an excellent replacement for wheat flour. Large amounts of dietary fiber contained in coconut flour have a positive effect on sugar metabolism and regulate blood glucose levels. Coconut flour has a low glycemic index. Due to its pleasant, sweet taste and many health-promoting nutrients, it is often used in the preparation of meals for children and babies.

Which contains? Composition of coconut flour

Coconut flour is primarily a source of valuable dietary fiber. It is almost six times more than in traditional wheat flour. This product provides our body with valuable protein. One hundred grams of flour covers 37% of your daily protein needs. Coconut flour is also a source of fatty acids and vitamins (including B vitamins, vitamins E and A). It is also a treasury of valuable minerals. Among them, we can find iron, selenium, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium. Moreover, coconut flour is a healthier alternative to cereal flour due to its low carbohydrate content.

Is she healthy? What are the properties?

Coconut flour is a healthier alternative to grain flour. High fiber content accelerates metabolism, and a small amount of carbohydrates makes it recommended especially for people who care about a slim figure. Thanks to the fiber content, regular consumption of products with the addition of coconut flour will help maintain the proper level of cholesterol and blood sugar. In this way, it can be important in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

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