Fruit tea set 6 x 5 x 2g - cranberry, chokeberry, berries, raspberry, rose hips and black currants
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Fruit tea set 6 x 5 x 2g - cranberry, chokeberry, berries, raspberry, rose hips and black currants

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Fruit tea in different tastes:

1. Cranberry: hibiscus, cranberry fruit (32%), apples fruits, elderberry fruit, flavours, red currant fruit, liquorice root.
2. Chokeberry: chokeberry fruit (60%), hibiscus flowers, flavour, elderberry fruit.
3. Forest Fruit: hibiscus (46%), chokeberry (26%), rosehip (5,6%), raspberry fruit (4%), elderberry fruit, blackcurrant fruit, hawthorn berries (4%), blackberry leaves, flavours, bilberry fruit (1%), liquorice root, blackberry fruit (0,6%).
4. Raspberry: raspberry fruit (51%), hibiscus flowers, apple, elderberry fruit, flavours, rosehip fruit, raspberry leaves (2%), liquorice root.
5. Rosehip: rosehip fruit (55%), hibiscus flowers (25%), apple, elderberry fruit.
6. Blackcurrant: blackcurrant fruits (58%), hibiscus flowers, elderberry fruit, blackcurrant leaves (2,5%), flavour.

Tea is after water the most drunk drink in the world and not more to think of our daily drinking pattern, which always fits in it very well. Tea can be drunk from a young age, especially fruit tea. Fruit tea is naturally sweeter than black tea, what makes it very good adults and children.


Take one tea bag per cup. Pour the recently boiled water over the bag. Leave it for about 8 to 10 minutes and ready!

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