Black rice
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Black rice

Black rice is not only very healthy, but also looks very original on a plate. It allows you to create interesting and simple dishes. It can be eaten both sweet and salty. It has a distinct, slightly nutty flavor.

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Rice is a product associated mainly with China and Asian dishes. It is on the eastern continent that its consumption reaches the highest values. Unfortunately, the most popular white rice is not a good source of valuable nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. The situation is completely different with black rice. This much less known variety of the Asian crop has unique health-promoting properties. Due to its beneficial effect on the functioning of the human body, this product should be seen on the tables of Europeans much more often.

Black rice - the healthiest type of rice

Black rice is one of the lesser-known varieties of the popular Chinese plant. In Asian countries it has been consumed for hundreds of years, but it was considered an extremely exclusive product. Black rice appeared only on the table of the Chinese emperor, so its other name is "forbidden rice" - unavailable to the common people.

The seeds of this variety of rice turn from black to dark purple when cooked. The anthocyanins present in the beans are responsible for this specific color of the beans. These compounds also determine the unique health-promoting properties of this exotic product.

Black rice is relatively easy to grow. It requires similar conditions to the popular white rice. A rich harvest can be obtained without the use of artificial fertilizers and special precautions. This rice has a taste that is slightly different from the traditional one. Due to its sweet note, it is often used in the preparation of desserts such as rice pudding in Asian countries.

Black rice - nutritional values ​​and pro-health properties

Regardless of the species or color of the seeds, rice is primarily a source of complex carbohydrates. However, black rice is slightly different from its white cousin. The starch contained in it is composed of much more amylopectin than amylase. For this reason, this product has a more sticky consistency when cooked. The total amount of carbohydrate in black rice is estimated to be approximately 75 g per 100 g of product.

Black rice contains much more protein than white rice. Scientists have shown the presence of 18 amino acids in this product. The total protein content is estimated at about 9 g per 100 g of beans. It also contains many vitamins and minerals necessary for maintaining health, such as iron, zinc, copper, carotene and vitamin E.

Black paddy rice can also be a source of dietary fiber. This ingredient is extremely desirable and necessary in a healthy diet. Studies have shown that its proper consumption stimulates intestinal peristalsis, lowers cholesterol levels, increases the post-meal feeling of satiety and is a nourishment for the natural microflora of our intestines.

Antioxidant activity of black rice

A characteristic feature of black rice is the dark colored husk surrounding the endosperm. The color of this structure is associated with a very high content of anthocyanins. The publications indicate that 1 g of dry weight contains as much as 31.3 mg of these compounds. Substances belonging to the group of anthocyanins are characterized by a very high antioxidant potential. This means that they are responsible for the neutralization of free radicals (ROS), which are excessively formed in our body. A certain amount of free radicals is produced in the body naturally in most metabolic processes. The body is able to deal with them, thanks to which it is possible to maintain a state of dynamic balance. Unfortunately, the increased production of ROS in the cells of our body results, among others, from from a large amount of stress, incorrect diet, air pollution. An excess of these active molecules can damage healthy cells and their genetic material. For this reason, food with a high content of antioxidants is considered to be very promising in terms of preventing some diseases of civilization. Scientists have investigated that the compound belonging to 3-O-beta-D-glucosides is responsible for the antioxidant capacity of black rice.

Black rice - dishes full of flavor and character

Black rice is not only very healthy, but also looks very original on a plate. It allows you to create interesting and simple dishes. It can be eaten both sweet and salty. It has a distinct, slightly nutty flavor.

Black rice is a must-have in many Asian dishes. It is eaten regularly in China, Korea and Japan. Dishes with its participation are a good source of many vitamins and dietary fiber. It is a very interesting and extremely healthy variety to your daily diet.

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