Nettle leaf
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Nettle leaf

Nettle is a treasury of vitamins and minerals valuable for health. The healing properties of nettle have been known and used in herbal medicine for many generations.

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The use of nettle leaves in the kitchen

Nettle can be used both as an addition to fresh vegetable and fruit juices, as well as a supplement to herbal infusions. This plant also forms the basis for the preparation of the full nutritional value of the juice. In addition, nettle leaves are perfect for hair and skin care. It is also worth knowing that this plant, thanks to its original taste, can be a non-obvious addition to homemade soups and salads.

Everything you need to know about the nutritional value and health properties of nettle leaves

Nettle is a well-known plant that most of us associate with an unpleasant burning sensation after direct contact with its leaves. Nevertheless, nettle is not only a roadside weed, but also an extraordinary treasury of vitamins and minerals valuable for health. The medicinal properties of this plant have been known and used in herbal medicine for many generations, and its effectiveness in supporting the treatment of certain disorders is confirmed by numerous scientific studies. It turns out that consuming an infusion made of nettle leaves can positively affect not only the improvement of the condition of our hair, but also the removal of excessive amounts of water from the body.

What are nettle leaves and where do they come from?

Common nettle is an annual plant that belongs to the nettle family. Due to its unusual properties, it is considered one of the most valuable plants currently used in phytotherapy. In natural conditions, nettle occurs in pastures, clearings and wet forests, on the shores of lakes and rivers. This plant can be found both in Poland and other European countries. In addition, nettle grows wild in Asia, North Africa and North America. Most of us associate the nettle leaves with an unpleasant itching and / or burning sensation, and even with the characteristic hives. Nevertheless, this plant has much more to offer to man. Therefore, it is widely used in both herbal medicine and cosmetics. Interestingly, the unusual properties of the common nettle were already known in ancient Greece. Hippocrates himself described them in his works. It is also worth knowing that nettle was an extremely important plant for the ancient Slavs. They considered it an effective protection against evil charms.

In modern times, more and more attention is paid to the active biological compounds contained in nettle, which can positively affect the functioning of the human body. It turns out that this plant is able to supply our body with both essential vitamins (such as vitamin A, C, E and K) and valuable minerals (such as calcium, magnesium, iron and silicon). Additionally, nettle contains a large amount of flavonoids and volatile components. On the other hand, the following substances in nettle leaves are responsible for the unpleasant burning sensation: formic acid, histamine and serotonin. It is worth remembering that nettle is a plant that can cause a severe allergic reaction in some people.

Nettle leaf - health properties and impact on health

Preparations based on nettle leaves may improve metabolism, as well as have a diuretic effect. Additionally, this plant has been shown to reduce the amount of bleeding. Due to its unusual properties, nettle (with particular emphasis on its leaves) is used in the treatment of numerous health disorders, such as frequent nosebleeds, rickets, and even haemophilia. It is also worth knowing that nettle leaves often support the treatment of anemia. Scientific research proves that introducing nettle into a healthy and active diet lifestyle may help to reduce the risk of developing type II diabetes as well as urinary tract infections. In addition, nettle leaves can cleanse the body of uric acid deposits and constrict blood vessels.

The care properties of this plant are also important. It turns out that it can be a valuable support in the treatment of dermatological disorders. It is used, among others, in the treatment of aphthas and fungal skin infections. Additionally, an infusion prepared on the basis of nettle leaves may help to soothe infections in the upper respiratory tract. On the other hand, fresh leaves can help minimize the pain associated with the course of rheumatoid arthritis (RA), sciatica and even arthritis. It is worth remembering that nettle and products made from it are only elements supporting the treatment process. Therefore, under no circumstances should this plant be used as a substitute for pharmaceuticals prescribed by the attending physician.

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