Green Coffee ground 250g with spices
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Green Coffee ground 250g with spices

A mixture of selected green coffee beans and aromatic herbs and spices allows us to relax in just a few moments, recharge our batteries and fill our home with an amazing aroma.

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What is green coffee characterized by and what ingredients is it made of?

Green coffee with taste is a unique product that has been created for all those who appreciate the taste of green coffee and unusual spices. A mixture of selected green coffee beans and aromatic herbs and spices allows us to relax in just a few moments, recharge our batteries and fill our home with an amazing aroma that brings the most beautiful memories to mind.

Coffee is an evergreen plant, reaching 4-7 m in height. Coffee bushes grow in the tropics. The flowers are white, small in size and smell nice with jasmine. Coffee fruits are fleshy berries that change color from red to yellow to purple as they mature. Inside, there are seeds that are mined, shelled and selected for the production of coffee.

Coffee contains many biologically active compounds, incl. caffeine and a number of antioxidants. Due to its rich composition, it has many positive properties, including it lowers the level of glucose, triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood. Our body is constantly exposed to the harmful effects of free radicals, which are produced both inside and outside of it. An excess of free radicals leads to the development of many diseases. Antioxidant substances neutralize their effect.

Green coffee - health properties and impact on human well-being

Due to the content of valuable substances, introducing green coffee to a balanced diet, in combination with systematic physical activity, can contribute to the improvement of our health and everyday well-being. It turns out that due to the large amount of phenolic acids, especially caffeic and chlorogenic acids, coffee has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, reduces the absorption of glucose in the blood and is important in cancer chemoprevention. These acids are natural antioxidants and have the ability to remove free radicals and bind heavy metal ions.

In addition, coffee prevents tooth decay. The compounds it contains - caffeine, chlorogenic acid and trigonelline get inside the tooth and disturb its contact with bacteria.

Green coffee and slimming

Green coffee is known mainly as an effective weight loss aid. All this is due to the high content of chlorogenic acid, of which there is little in roasted coffee. The positive effect on weight reduction is confirmed by scientific research. Studies in mice have shown that regular consumption of green coffee can counteract overweight and obesity.

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