Chlorella powder
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Chlorella powder

Chlorella is an excellent and, above all, natural source of nutrients valuable for health.

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Everything you need to know about the nutritional values ​​and health benefits of Chlorella

Chlorella is the name of a freshwater algae whose extraordinary health properties are especially appreciated by nutritionists and lovers of a healthy lifestyle. Although it is a single-celled organism, it contains a lot of nutrients that can help to improve the functioning of our body. Moreover, this product is highly appreciated by people who give up eating meat on a daily basis.

What is Chlorella and where does it come from?

Chlorella is a species of single-celled freshwater algae. In natural conditions, it occurs in South Korea. We can recognize about 30 of its species in the world. Interestingly, Chlorella can reproduce up to 8 times a day. This plant is characterized by a dark green color. All this is due to the chlorophyll in its composition. Nevertheless, chlorella is also a source of bioactive ingredients valuable for health, as well as vitamins and minerals. This plant is valued for its rich content of B vitamins as well as proteins. Additionally, chlorella contains a number of polyunsaturated fatty acids. It is also worth knowing that this product is one of the most commonly consumed dietary supplements by the inhabitants of Japan. They believe that chlorella is able to provide them not only with a beautiful figure, but also health and longevity. Due to the richness of nutrients it contains, chlorella is officially included in the group of "super-foods".

Learn about the most important health benefits of Chlorella

Due to numerous bioactive substances, as well as vitamins and minerals, chlorella can have a positive effect on human health. It turns out that it has cleansing properties for the body. Contemporary supporters of phytotherapy believe that the regular use of this substance can contribute to supporting the liver function, as well as detoxifying the body from excess alcohol, pesticides and heavy metals. It is worth knowing that consuming chlorella in the right amounts can help to alleviate unpleasant smell from the mouth. Some studies also point to the fact that the regular use of chlorella, combined with a healthy diet and regular physical activity, reduces the risk of breast cancer in women. In addition, this product may be responsible for supporting the immune system, which is especially important in the autumn and winter period, when we are exposed to harmful viruses and bacteria. Due to the rich content of B vitamins (especially vitamin B12) and iron, chlorella reduces the risk of anemia, also during pregnancy. In addition, regular consumption of this product can positively affect the digestive processes as well as fight the problem of troublesome constipation. However, keep in mind that Chlorella is only a dietary supplement, not a drug. Therefore, it cannot be used medicinally in place of those prescribed by a specialist.

Chlorella and slimming

Chlorella can help support the weight loss process. However, it should be remembered that achieving the desired effects is possible only when we combine the use of this preparation with a healthy diet and systematic physical activity. Chlorella is an effective ingredient with anti-toxic properties, which can positively affect our well-being while fighting overweight and obesity. It is also worth knowing that it is an excellent source of fiber, which helps maintain normal intestinal peristalsis and regular bowel movements. Research conducted by Korean scientists in 2009 also showed that the extract obtained from chlorella contributes to the reduction of lipid accumulation in fat cells, and thus slows down the growth of adipose tissue. In addition, the use of this preparation may reduce the risk of insulin resistance in the future.

Chlorella - dosage

Chlorella can be consumed both in the form of powder and tablets. Product manufacturers recommend not to consume more than 4-6 tablets a day, 1-2 teaspoons of the powder a day for a period of 2 months. After this time, a break in use should be made. It is worth remembering that the introduction of supplementation with this product (especially in the case of children) should be consulted with a primary care physician or a qualified dietitian.

Contraindications and side effects of consuming chlorella

In addition to its numerous health-promoting properties, chlorella can also have side effects. Therefore, its use is not recommended in children, pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as the elderly. It turns out that this agent can cause a strong allergic reaction, especially among people who are known to be allergic to mold (risk of cross-reaction). In addition, excessive use of chlorella, as well as over long periods of time, can lead to kidney failure. It is worth knowing that in 2014, chlorella was recognized by the American Food Agency as a safe product for health. However, you must remember to use it according to the recommendations of your GP, pharmacist or a qualified dietitian.

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