Bergamot essential oil
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Bergamot essential oil

 Bergamot oil is characterized by antioxidant properties, and additionally it has a pleasant smell and soothes nervous tension.

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What is bergamot oil and what does the production process look like?

It is an essential oil obtained from the peel of the fruit of the bergamot tree (Citrus bergamia). It reaches a height of up to 4 meters. The fruit is harvested from December to March. Older trees (over 12 years old) can bear up to 800 fruits. From this amount you can get from 0.5 kg to 1 kg of oil. It is in southern Italy, in the Calabria region, that this plant is grown. However, India is considered the motherland of the bergamot tree. Bergamot oil has a pleasant scent characterized by citrus freshness. It has a bitter taste. It ranges in color from dark yellow to green. Its color depends on the season in which bergamot oranges are harvested. The oil is obtained by pressing (pressing) the outer part of the skin. In the initial production process, peelers are used to separate the peel from the fruit. Then the raw material is subjected to steam distillation. This is how the highest quality oil is obtained. In addition, less valuable oils are also produced, including from raw materials left over from the first pressing and from fruit that has fallen from trees naturally or as a result of weather conditions.

Bergamot oil - contraindications

When used externally, bergamot oil increases the skin's sensitivity to the sun's rays. Therefore, you should be particularly careful when using cosmetics with the addition of oil, avoid exposure to UV rays and do not use the solarium. The oil can make the skin more susceptible to sunburn and leave stains that are difficult to remove. In the case of allergy sufferers, it is recommended to test a small area of ​​the skin before applying the oil. Any redness, hives, swelling and burning sensation are symptoms of allergy and a contraindication to its use. It is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Bergamot oil - properties

Scientists note the numerous healing properties of bergamot oil. In addition, it has a pleasant smell and calms nervous tension. Therefore, it is used for massage and aromatherapy. Where else does the oil help? When taken orally, it has a carminative and diuretic effect and supports the maintenance of a healthy digestive system . In the food industry it is used to flavor certain products (including tea, sweets).

Use in cosmetics

Due to its antiseptic, antibacterial and soothing properties, bergamot oil is widely used in cosmetics. Its beautiful fragrance makes it an ingredient of many perfumes, toilet waters and soaps. The natural oil can be used at home in many ways. However, remember not to apply it yourself to the skin. It should always be combined with a carrier oil. For this purpose, for example, coconut oil can be used. In this form, it can be used as a lotion or for massage. It's a good idea to add a few drops of essential oil to your body wash or facial cleansing toner. In combination with a shampoo or hair mask, it can reduce static and soothe scalp irritation. In addition, it will leave a beautiful scent on your strands!

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