New products

Vegan Vitamin D3 drops 50ml
Vitamin D3 is a popular supplement that plays a role in maintaining strong muscles, strong teeth, it also supports the bones and has a positive influence on the immune system, which ensures good resistance.
Pine Needles Tincture 50ml
Pine needles tincture is a good alternative and addition to pine needles tea.
Vegan Omega-3 + DHA + EPA 50ml
This algae oil is a good alternative to the well-known fish oil. Now enjoy the health benefits of Omega-3, but completely plant-based.
Maltitol 1kg
Maltitol in the kitchen can successfully replace white sugar. It is perfect for sweetening hot and cold drinks, for desserts, as well as for all kinds of baking and preparation of fruit preserves.
BIO Black ground coffee with Chaga
The combination of Chaga (often also known as birch or chaga) with natural coffee allows us to enjoy the taste and aroma of our favorite coffee, and at the same time strengthen the body.
Birch tar 230ml
Birch tar was once one of the frequently used products in rural households. It was used for the preservation of hides and wood, as well as for the treatment of parasitic diseases.
BIO Pumpkin seed oil cold pressed
Biological pumpkin seed oil has a pleasant taste and smell, goes well with potatoes, groats, salads, salads, fish.
Geerts Best Mayonnaise 370ml
Made with 80% pure and cold pressed rapeseed oil and mustard seeds, which gives this mayonnaise its characteristic taste.