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Green-lipped mussel cream + eucalyptus oil 250ml
Mussel cream is an effective method of treating osteoarthritis and relieving rheumatic pain; helps keep our joints fully functional. To enhance the effect of the preparation, camphor, mountain fir extract and eucalyptus oil have been added.
Bergamot essential oil
 Bergamot oil is characterized by antioxidant properties, and additionally it has a pleasant smell and soothes nervous tension.
Apricot kernel oil refined
Apricot kernel oil is quickly absorbed and makes the skin elastic, smooth and nourished. Moreover, apricot kernel oil can be used for hair and scalp care.
Hemp balm
The balm is invaluable in sports and other physical activities, it relieves cramps, bruised and stretched muscles. 
Tar soap
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Perfectly cleanses and cares for skin prone to irritation.
Pine oil
Pine oil has an intense, fresh scent, which in the first place reminds us of a walk in the woods.
Calendula soap
Calendula Officinalis Soap with Calendula Officinalis perfectly cleans and cares for all skin types - especially damaged and dry. 
Citronella oil
Citronella oil is characterized by a fresh, sweet and sour scent of citrus. It has a relaxing and mood-enhancing effect.