Lijnzaadolie 500ml
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Linseed oil cold pressed 500ml

Cold-pressed linseed oil is a valuable ingredient in our kitchen. However, it should be remembered that it can only be consumed cold. It must not be fried on it or added to baked goods. 

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Thanks to the content of essential unsaturated fatty acids and valuable vitamins, cold-pressed linseed oil is a valuable component of the daily diet, also in the process of slimming.

The use of linseed oil in the kitchen

Cold-pressed linseed oil is a valuable ingredient in our kitchen. However, it should be remembered that it can only be consumed cold. It must not be fried on it or added to baked goods. It turns out that exposing linseed oil to high temperature not only deprives it of valuable nutritional value, but also promotes the production of chemical compounds harmful to human health. Therefore, linseed oil can be used as an addition to salads full of vegetables, sandwich spreads, bread or fruit smoothies. Thanks to it, we will increase the nutritional value of the food we eat.

The use of linseed oil in cosmetics

Linseed oil is a valuable component of many cosmetic products. It is used both in hair and skin care. It is found in nourishing body lotions, lipsticks and bath lotions. 

Where does linseed oil come from and what is it characterized by?

Common flax, for textile and medicinal purposes, was cultivated by man thousands of years ago. Currently, the oil obtained from the seeds of flax (linseed - small grains with a brown-golden color) is highly appreciated by dietitians and experts in healthy eating. However, it is worth knowing that this product is able to show its amazing health properties only when it is cold pressed. All this is due to the high content of omega-3 fatty acids. Also for this reason, linseed oil cannot be stored for a long time, as both its texture and taste change. The usefulness of linseed oil for consumption can be recognized by its appearance. After too long storage it becomes bitter and a precipitate forms on its surface.

Linseed oil for hair - how to apply?

Linseed oil not only improves our health, but also strengthens our hair. It turns out that this product is perfect for care. It can be used without any problems during the hair oiling treatment, as well as an ingredient of a nourishing mask. Linseed oil can also be found in a large number of scalp care cosmetics.

Linseed oil for skin - is it worth using?

Thanks to the rich content of vitamin E (considered the vitamin of youth), linseed oil is also perfect for the care of our skin. You can easily prepare a nourishing peeling on its basis or perform a relaxing massage of the whole body with it. 

Contraindications regarding the consumption of linseed oil

Linseed oil should not be used by the youngest children and people struggling with allergies or intolerance to linseeds. In addition, it is recommended that adults also consume it only in limited amounts (about 1-2 teaspoons per day). It is worth knowing that consumption of larger amounts of linseed oil can cause side effects, including a laxative effect, as well as severe abdominal pain.

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