Buy healthy oils in the Netherlands -


Linseed oil cold pressed 500ml
Cold-pressed linseed oil is a valuable ingredient in our kitchen. However, it should be remembered that it can only be consumed cold. It must not be fried on it or added to baked goods. 
Oregano Oil 30ml
Oregano oil is best diluted with water. One serving is 5 drops added to 1/3 cup of water or other beverage. This dose is recommended twice a day.
Milk thistle oil cold-pressed
Milk thistle oil has a slightly bitter, nutty flavor and a yellow-brown color. It comes in dark glass bottles. It is valued mainly for the presence of silymarin, but it is not the only valuable ingredient of this product. Milk thistle oil is also a source of flavonoids, vitamin C, linoleic acid, phytosterols and tannins.
Pumpkin seed oil cold-pressed 500ml
This pumpkin seed oil is perfect for vegetarians and vegans, because it belongs to the group of easily digestible oils. Add this pumpkin seed oil to your salad dressing or mix it with lemon juice/apple cider vinegar and make your dish even healthier!
Rapeseed oil cold-pressed
Cold pressed, unrefined rapeseed oil, produced from rapeseed that have a low level of erucic acid.