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Xylitol can successfully replace white sugar in the kitchen. It is perfect for sweetening drinks and desserts as well as all kinds of baking and preparing fruit preserves, because it is resistant to high temperatures.

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Xylitol in the kitchen can successfully replace white sugar. It is great for sweetening drinks and desserts as well as all kinds of baking and preparing fruit preserves, because it is resistant to high temperatures.

Store in a dry place, in tightly closed packages.

It is recommended to use up to 15 g of xylitol a day (about 3 teaspoons).

Xylitol calorific value

100 grams of xylitol contains 240 kcal. For comparison - 100g of white sugar has 386 kcal. Therefore, birch sugar has almost a half (40%) lower caloric content than white sugar. Therefore, xylitol is recommended for people who are overweight or those who

In addition, xylitol reduces the feeling of craving for sweets, which means that we eat less often between meals. Xylitol belongs to the group of carbohydrates (polyols) with slower absorption and a metabolic process largely independent of insulin. As a result, the use of birch sugar does not increase blood glucose levels in patients suffering from diabetes, insulin resistance or impaired glucose tolerance.

Xylitol - what is it?

Xylitol is a natural substance that is increasingly used as a substitute for white sugar. Like sorbitol and mannitol, it belongs to the group of polyols (carbohydrates characterized by a low energy value). Importantly, birch sugar also has a relatively low glycemic index. This means that it does not suddenly raise your blood sugar levels. Therefore, it is often found in the diet of people struggling with the problem of diabetes, overweight or insulin resistance. Xylitol resembles traditional sugar in its appearance. Its taste is also similar, but it has a delicate mint aftertaste. This product is most often found in the form of small, white crystals closed in a bag weighing 250, 500 or 1000 grams. However,

Where can we find birch xylitol?

Xylitol is an ingredient of natural origin. It is mainly located in the bark of Finnish birch, from where it is most often obtained. Nevertheless, this ingredient can also be found in some fruits. For example, in strawberries, plums, raspberries, blueberries and pears. In small amounts, it can also be found in corn and mushrooms. Interestingly, xylitol is also produced by the human body, however, these are only trace amounts.

Healing and health properties of xylitol

Xylitol is known for its positive effect on human health and well-being. This ingredient is responsible, inter alia, for increasing the absorption of calcium. This affects, among other things, the improvement of bone density, and thus reduces the risk of osteoporosis in the future. In addition, birch sugar can help to restore the acid-base balance of the body, which directly inhibits the growth of yeasts and bacteria harmful to health. For this reason, xylitol is often introduced into the diet of people struggling with the problem of mycosis and bacterial infections.

Xylitol and diabetes

Xylitol belongs to the group of sugar alcohols (polyols), which are characterized by a slower absorption in the digestive tract. Importantly, their metabolism takes place with a small proportion of insulin, causing a slight increase in blood glucose levels. The glycemic index of xylitol is 8. For comparison, the glycemic index of white sugar is 70. Therefore, this product can easily be used in the diet of people struggling with the problem of diabetes or insulin resistance.

Xylitol for children - how affects the caries problem?

From year to year, tooth decay affects more and more children in our country. An effective way to prevent this disorder is not only frequent tooth brushing and a healthy diet, excluding products with a high content of white sugar. Xylitol also plays an important role in the prevention of tooth decay in children as a low-calorie replacement for white sugar. A number of scientific studies have confirmed its beneficial effect both on minimizing the symptoms of caries and reducing the risk of its occurrence in the future. All this is due to the fact that xylitol does not ferment directly in the mouth. In addition, this product is responsible for restoring the proper acid-base balance, thus helping to inhibit the growth of bacteria around the teeth, palate and tongue. It is also important that

Is birch sugar healthy?

Due to the fact that in the last few years the popularity of xylitol has increased, numerous scientific studies are carried out on its effects on the human body. On their basis, it was found that birch sugar does not show any toxic properties. Nevertheless, excessive consumption can lead to a build-up of gas in the intestines. In addition, an excessive supply of xylitol can also cause diarrhea and painful abdominal cramps. Fortunately, these symptoms are short-lived.

Can xylitol be used during pregnancy?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized xylitol as a completely safe substance. Therefore, it can be used by children, pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding. Importantly, birch sugar can be a valuable component of the diet for women who are struggling with the problem of gestational diabetes. When using, however, you should pay attention to the dose consumed. The recommended daily amount of xylitol is usually on the product packaging.

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