Red Beet Juice 1L
Beetroot contains valuable elements, including: calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, cobalt, vitamins A, C and B1. It is a source of folic acid.
Mint tea 20 x 2g
Mint has excellent beneficial properties as it is abundant in natural substances including flavonoids and the essential oil with a prevailing note of menthol.
Xylitol 1kg
Xylitol can successfully replace white sugar in the kitchen. It is perfect for sweetening drinks and desserts as well as all kinds of baking and preparing fruit preserves, because it is resistant to high temperatures.
BIO Coffee Beans Arabica 150g
If you belong to people who appreciate delicacy in coffee, you have the opportunity to combine the strong taste of Arabica with the delicacy of Robusta, choosing one of the coffees with a mixed composition of beans.
BIO Acorn flour
Acorn flour can be used as a refining addition to cereal flour (in a ratio of 2/3 cereal flour and 1/3 acorn flour) and bake bread, rolls, cookies and other products.