Mint tea 20 x 2g
Mint has excellent beneficial properties as it is abundant in natural substances including flavonoids and the essential oil with a prevailing note of menthol.
Lemon balm tea 20 x 2g
The abundance of natural components contained in the green leaves of calming lemon balm is a unique source of relaxation and enigmatic mildness.
Camomile tea 20 x 1.5g
The abundance of natural ingredients in the sunny chamomile tea provides a unique source of pleasure and a delicious taste experience.
Yerba Mate classic 20 x 2g
Yerba Mate stands for tasty, healthy and soothing, which you want to take with you. Create a moment for yourself with Yerba Mate ginger tea and completely unwind after a long working day or a stressful situation.
St. Johns wort tea 20 x 1.5g
St. John's wort contributes to a mental balance and provides support for a gloomy mood or menopausal symptoms.