Rosemary seeds
Perennial, evergreen, aromatic spice plant with needle-leafed secreting, resinous odor intense and beautiful blue flowers. The plant is recommended for year-round cultivation of potted. Best grown in a sunny position with a permeable surface. 
Verbena seeds
Annual plant with a compact habit and wonderful multicolored flowers. gathered in dense, capitate inflorescences with a pleasant odor. The ideal plant for containers on terraces and balconies, for rock gardens, low borders, walls and lawns.
Chamomile Common
Annual plant growing up to 50 cm. For medicinal purposes harvested flower baskets at the beginning of flowering when the white flakes are lying flat.
Mixture daisy pompons
Daisy pomponette is one of the most popular plants in spring garden and grows to an average of 15-20 cm. It has a multitude of fully double flowers that bloom repeatedly from early spring to summer in the colors red, pink and white.
Salvia seeds
Medical sage is a perennial plant that regulates digestion and is used for gargling, gums, mouth and relieving inflammation. It is a valuable addition to meat dishes, cakes, desserts and salads. 
Marjoram seeds
Marjoram is an annual plant whose fresh and dried leaves are used as a seasoning for meat and soups. In addition, it facilitates digestion and helps with headache and indigestion.
Hyssop seeds
Hyssop is a perennial plant and is useful for indigestion, coinstipation and anemia. In addition, it also serves as an expectorant. The infusion of the flowering tops of the hyssop are used to treat throat diseases and bronchitis rhinitis.
Herbs mixture for the kitchen
Mixed herbs of several popular species of herbs: basil, savory, marjoram, oregano and thyme, an appetite stimulant and to facilitate digestion.
Fragrant flowers mixture seeds
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This fragrant flower mixture is easy to grow and smell. This is a mixture of many fragrant annual flowers that produced butterflies. Moreover, these scented flowers bloom with a pleasant scent from mid-June to the end of October.
Oregano seeds
Oregano is a plant with medicinal properties. It is mainly used to strengthen gums and regulate the digestive system. In addition, the oregano is used as a seasoning for salads, egg dishes, cheese, vegetables, fish, meat and pizza.