BIO Acorn flour
Acorn flour can be used as a refining addition to cereal flour (in a ratio of 2/3 cereal flour and 1/3 acorn flour) and bake bread, rolls, cookies and other products. 
BIO Artichoke flour gluten free
Jerusalem artichoke flour comes from North America. It came to Europe at the beginning of the 17th century and became one of the basic sources of carbohydrates. 
Organic barbecue kindling 350g
Fully ecological kindling for grill produced from cut birch bark in the ecological zone. 
Buckwheat is produced from hulled buckwheat seeds - a plant belonging to the group of the so-called pseudocereal. Its fruit is a dark brown nut with sharp edges, which is called a grain. It is characterized by a high protein content.
Date syrup 600g
Date syrup, called date honey, is a concentrated juice obtained directly from the pulp of fresh date palm fruit.