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BIO Lemon verbena leaf
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It can be used as an ingredient in herbal teas, beverages and also for seasoning poultry, fish and seafood dishes.
BIO Marsh-mallow root dried
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Marshmallow was known and valued in folk medicine. The plant has antibacterial properties and soothes throat irritations.
BIO Chaga tea 25 x 2g
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Chaga has long been known and used in folk medicine. 
BIO birch juice 270ml
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Birch juice "oskola" has been obtained by people in spring for thousands of years. 
BIO Fruit powder Vitamin 200g
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Vitamin fruit powder is a perfect supplement to your daily diet. The product is distinguished by a high content of vitamins C and E, i.e. natural and easily digestible antioxidants.
BIO Nettle seed oil cold pressed
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Nettle seeds were well known to herbalists already in antiquity, then the most famous was the beneficial effect of nettle seeds on low potency and strengthening the vitality of the body.
BIO Soybean oil
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Provides the body with vitamin E, which has been called the vitamin of youth, and vitamin K.
BIO white cabbage juice 270ml
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Organic raw white cabbage juice is a rich source of vitamin K, anthocyanins, isocyanates, sulfur, vitamin C and potassium.
Organic barbecue kindling 350g
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Fully ecological kindling for grill produced from cut birch bark in the ecological zone. 
BIO Artichoke flour gluten free
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Jerusalem artichoke flour comes from North America. It came to Europe at the beginning of the 17th century and became one of the basic sources of carbohydrates. 
BIO Comfrey root
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Currently, comfrey is most often used to improve the condition of the skin and to treat abrasions, bruises and even fractures.
BIO Rose buds edible
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Organic rose buds can be used as an ennobling addition to any kind of teas, drinks, desserts, it can also be drunk as a tea itself.