List of products by brand Toraf

A mix of flowers that attract bees
The mixture consists of over 20 species of undemanding single, double and perennial plants with high honey and pollen yield. 
Adzuki bean sprouting seeds
Adzuki beans, is similar in taste to the Mung beans. Red-brown seeds are valued for their health benefits and weight loss properties. Adzuki bean sprouts are useful in treat the symptoms of bladder infections and protect against anemia.
Annual Phlox mix
Annual plant with a compact, upright habit, to 25cm in height. Flowers in the shape of stars, pink. Sowing the seeds in March or inspektu in April-May directly into the ground.
Astar dwarf Mix
Mixture of colors blooming profusely dwarf asterm 20-30 cm in height. Flowers 6-9 cm in diameter. Sowing seeds in the period of III-IV into frames or late April directly into the ground. 
Aster alpinus mixture
Perennial, forming a loose turf, approximately 20 to 30 cm. Flowers in white, pink, blue or purple numbers appear in May and June. The diameter of the flower is 4-5 cm. Variety recommended for rock gardens and cut flower.
Basil lemon seeds
The basil lemon has a sweet, deep lemon-like scent due to the high concentration of the essential oil citral. Lemon basil is a delicious flavoring on grilled shrimp fish, as well as pasta, vegetables, chicken and tea. 
Basil seeds
The light green leaves are full of a spicy basil flavor that are excellent for making pesto sauce. You can keep basil plants indoors all summer or transplant them outside at the end of May.
Beans Mung sprouting seeds
Mung bean sprouts reigns among all sprouts seeds because of the taste and nutritional value. The sprouts are very tasty, crunchy, taste like fresh, young peas.
Bear's garlic
Frost-resistant decorative rug plant with great taste, aroma and medicinal properties.
Onions are bactericidal, stimulate the appetite and heal the respiratory tract.
Bees mixture 2g
You can contribute to the protection of wild bees by cultivating plants long and abundantly blooming, providing bee food, using a ready mix of specially selected seeds.
Bellflower mix
Bellflower mix is perennial growing up to 30 cm high with slender, strongly leafy stems. The largest ornament of the plant are bell-shaped flowers up to 3 cm in diameter, white or dark blue in color. It looks beautiful in rock gardens,